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Vacation 2.0

Got a new phone so I can blog this vacation. Went to gulf shores and forgot my camera. This vacation I’ve got my phone. We are headed to the grand canyon and tombstone. So be on the lookout for photos! :-)

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Happy Birthday Rachael

I know our friends are gathered at your grave tonight. drinking zombie, telling stories, singing songs, and keeping your memory alive. i know addie is in cali doing the same and im here in Louisiana wishing i were with everyone in Ware.

the world is a little colder and a whole lot lonelier without you.

Happy birthday Rach.
we love you

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ok so i was recently going through old shit on my computer and found the dreaded ‘exes’ file. and i realized i was a horrible confused foolish little bitch back in the day. i didnt understand how to be in a loving relationship. i didnt trust people. i was afraid of getting hurt so i always hurt them first. my mood and feelings changed so fast and so often its a miracle ppl didnt get whiplash. they say hindsight is 20-20 and i can honestly say im proud of myself for getting over the guilt of past actions. for forgiving myself and learnign to be a better person. i can also say that i was such a fuckin idiot lol. i feel bad for the people i hurt but i can look back now and see that even though i said the words ‘i love you’ to waaaaaaaaaay to many people, i only ever really meant it twice. once to matty and then to lance. to my exes who never gave me anything but love and respect- im sorry that i hurt you
to those who we mutually used and abused each other- we’re even so that takes care of that
and to those who hurt me- whatever im over it.
it sucks that to become the person i am today i had to make really awful choices and bad mistakes and hurt people. the guilt is something i will always live with. but i dont regret any of it because it all led to who i am now.

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Monster High Custom Colorful Backgrounds

So I made more backgrounds but in more colors. The pink was suppose to be like a small tease but people actually ended up liking it and so I decided to make more.

P.s. Some characters didn’t make the cut. Don’t worry though, they will get one soon. I hope.

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love this song. makes me think of all those summer nights with old friends. you know who you are. miss you guys

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fasi you are killin me here lol

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life sucks

people keep telling me that money is going to always run my life. that i need to accept that. that i need to learn to put up with bullshit. they call me lazy. they say “well thats just how the world works” when i say that i dont think money should be my driving force or my top priority. why do i have to sacrifice time and energy for bits of green paper? i have to work a job i hate put up with bullshit from people i cant stand and get paid next to nothing to do it? and since i have bills to pay i cant seem to make enough money to stay a float. cant ever catch a break. am constantly worried about money and paying bills that i cant sleep cause im so stressed out. i dont get to spend time with family or friends. all the hobbies i had are gone. cant find time to do any of them or when i do im so tired i dont want to. im depressed and in pain. im miserable. so the next FUCKING PERSON who says “get used to it, that’s just the way life is, or it’ll get better when you are older” im gonna SCREAM AT AND BEAT OVER THE HEAD.
LIFE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY. if it is, it shouldnt be. i will not just roll over and take it, let it go, or get used to it. and i dont want it to get better in the future. im going to make it better NOW. i will not compromise my happiness and my health for FUCKING MONEY.